The value of having a professional wedding planner cannot be understated. Even if you are a decisive bride who knows exactly what she wants, even if you or your mom or another relative have planned events before, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having the assistance of a planner. Here's why:

  1. A wedding might be the largest, most elaborate party you ever host.
  2. Once the weekend arrives, you will be busy enjoying yourself, greeting guests, dancing, eating, drinking. It's not the moment for you to be worried about what time the band is setting up or making sure the guestbook is set out on the correct table.
  3. Your mom might help you make all the decisions leading up to the day and may be a marvelous party planner, but much like you, once you've made it to the wedding weekend, she will be greeting her relatives and friends, focused on getting herself ready for and enjoying the big event.
  4. Having a friend or relative play both guest and coordinator may seem like a good idea, but once the music starts and the alcohol is flowing, they will rightfully want to enjoy their status as an invited guest. But, the event coordinating will still need attention. The band needs to be alerted when you have to cut your cake or when you're tossing your bouquet. Sparklers or flower petals need to be set out for your exit. Your belongings need to be packed away in your getaway car. The duties don't end once dinner has been served, but if your Friend Coordinator is tipsy and busting a move to Usher's "Yeah!" (and who can blame her?) she might forget and your grandma might be left wondering why it's 10 pm and she hasn't gotten to watch you cut the cake yet.
  5. If you don't have a planner or coordinator at all, much of those responsibilities end up falling on the shoulders of other vendors who have different jobs to do. As photographers, we are not strangers to this, as we have at times had to ensure a wedding and all of its various scheduled activities are kept on track. While we certainly don't mind helping, you want each vendor free to do the best version of what you hired them to do.

Wedding planners will put out lots of little fires you'll never know about.

A planner is going to be able to manage your long list of vendors, guests, setup, timeline, and details. She'll make sure your bouquets get to the right location at the right time, that your reception is setup and candles are lit in time for the photographers to take photos before guests arrive. She'll make sure dinner is on schedule, that the band is fed and ready to play at party time, and that your party favors are passed out at the end of the night. And these are just a sampling of the details she'll take care of on the day of the wedding. Because wedding planners have done this before, plenty of times, they know what details need to be taken care of when, and they know about all the various details you aren't even aware of since you've never planned a wedding before.

A wedding planner knows how to assemble the best team for YOU

The truth is, when we find out we're working with our favorite wedding planners, we breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing we're going to be working alongside true pros. A well-planned and well-coordinated wedding feels effortless and easy because each vendor is working at his or her best, and the planner is there not only to make sure that's happening, but to help you hire those who make the day effortless. It feels like being part of a well-oiled machine, and it's plain to see that the couple is enjoying a truly stress-free, fun wedding day. And that carefree attitude will shine bright in your photos and video.