So you're engaged!

Congratulations! What an incredibly exciting time. We know making big wedding decisions can be overwhelming and a bit daunting, but we hope we can be an easy and laidback part of the process. You've never done this before, but we have (a few hundred times over the last 13 years!) and we are happy to help. Our goal is to create classic, timeless images with a touch of modern style and flair using a laidback, experienced approach that will leave you feeling that your day is in capable hands. If that sounds like the wedding photography experience you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Meet Cynthia + Victor

We just celebrated 13 years of marriage and business. We believe in small towns, big heart, and all the big and little moments that make up "the good stuff" and we are thankful you're here and considering making us part of your wedding day.

Serving the Crystal Coast of NC and beyond.