Wedding Film Style

As we prepare to create your cinematic wedding highlight film, we take creative license based on the style, atmosphere, and vibe of your wedding day. However, it’s also important for us to hear from you about specific preferences to ensure the finished film is everything you’ve been dreaming of. Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out this short questionnaire to help us create your perfect wedding film.

Music is a driving element of your wedding film. While we cannot utilize popular music on the radio, we do purchase music for your film. tell us your preferred music style.

We mic the officiant and the groom during the ceremony. We will also capture audio during the preparation time, reception speeches and, if requested, we'll record letter-reading. While we can't guarantee full speeches to be featured in a highlight film, we do select key emotional or funny moments to be included.

If there will be special readings, songs, or surprise performances you'd like to be included in your film, please tell us here.