Jess + Brian | New Bern NC engagement session

How did you meet? Brian and I first met in 2008. I was in the middle of my undergraduate program at Elon University and Brian was a police officer in my hometown. Since we had a lot of mutual friends, we met many times over the years at parties, and at the hospital where I eventually worked as a nurse in the Emergency Department. We went on our first date in 2012, after being set up by our mutual friend, Christian.

Tell us your proposal story! Brian proposed in April of 2015. He was away at training in Southern Pines when he asked me to come up and meet him for dinner. When I got to where he was staying, he was running around trying to get ready to go, and he asked me to check on his dog. When I looked across the room at the dog's kennel there was a note on the door that said "Will you fill my food bowl? I will love you like my daddy does! I get three cups. Love, Earp." When I opened the food container there was another note sitting on top of a ring box that said "Will you marry my daddy? He woofs you!" Of course, I said yes!

What has been your favorite part of being engaged? My favorite part of being engaged is knowing that in a few short months I get to marry my best friend and become part of his amazing family.