I love the first dance at a wedding.  It says a lot about the couple, their personalities, and their relationship.  I love that it's usually the one song at a wedding that really represents the type of music the couple enjoys. In 2009 when I was planning my own wedding I remember discovering videos on YouTube of the choreographed first dance, and being the silly nerd I am, I was immediately hooked.  I loved that it was different and unusual and entertaining for the wedding guests.  And it was our answer to the problem of not having "a song" or even liking the same music (I've covered this in past blog posts!  Two wildly different tastes in music going on here!).

Victor and I made our own little mix...starting off with Etta James' "At Last" to fool our guests into thinking we were doing a traditional first dance.  About a minute into the track, we mashed together "Crank Dat," "Cupid Shuffle," and "Apache" (we did each dance, too!).  We finished it off with the end of "At Last" and Victor dipped me!  It was a huge hit at our wedding and I'm glad we did it.

Not only is it fun for everyone at your wedding, but it makes for a great photo.  Here is one of my favorite couples, Jenn and Tony, at their 2009 Coral Bay Club wedding.  And yes, they are absolutely gettin' down... ;)  I love that you can see the wedding party and Jenn's mom TOTALLY cracking up in the background! Coral Bay Club wedding | Cynthia Rose Photography

So...have you considered the possibility of a choreographed first dance?!  Come on, get down with yo' bad self.  You know you want to.