Coral Bay Club wedding photographer | Elle & James

If you could pick one moment that stands out to you as the best on your wedding day, what would it be? The rainbow. When I think about our wedding day and this rainbow I still get chills. God most definitely announced his presence on our special day. I made sure (even though it crossed my mind multiple times) that I did not check the weather weeks and even days prior. If I knew there was a chance it could rain - there would still be nothing I could do about it. I could not go there. So, I just continued to pray for a beautiful sunny day. Our wedding day started off absolutely gorgeous and I didn't see the rain coming at all, but in true coastal fashion a storm arose from nowhere about an hour before our ceremony. I didn't flip, but remained calm....again, there is nothing I could do about it. Our director, Tammy Roys, can move mountains in my eyes. She tracked the storm and delayed our ceremony 30 minutes. She assured us everything was going to be alright. She and her crew were out there drying off chairs and made it happen. The ceremony started and the sun was out and after we blended the sand the most vivid rainbow appeared. To me, it's a sign that our grandparents, who we selfishly wish were in those seats, were indeed with us. I learned that God has a way of surprising you. I thought I wanted a bright sunny day for our ceremony and what God gave us was a rainbow. HE has things in store for us that are even better than we could imagine.

You said 2 moments, right? :) Also, my nephews surprised me by doing the cutest little choreographed dance to "That's What I Like About You." It was the sweetest performance and I absolutely loved it!

During your wedding planning, what was your vision for your wedding day? I envisioned and prayed for a beautiful sunshiny day with all those we love. What I got was more than I could have ever dreamt! I knew people would come, even with it being a Friday wedding at the beach, but when my Dad and I got to the glass door where we could see everyone, it was moving to see all those who took off work to be with us, even in the rain. It was so moving and "real" that I thought I was going to have a panic attack. You couldn't have pissed me off that day. I was on cloud nine and my only wish is that I could bottle that whole day up so I can re-live it once a month!

Describe any special traditions, personal mementos, or helpful friends/family members who played a sentimental role in your wedding planning or wedding day. My Dad lives in Virginia and he is a manly man (I feel like I should note that). I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, but what made the past year of planning so much fun was having him at everything!! From picking out THE dress, the cake, venue, menu, suits, showers, engagement party, and even the bridal luncheon. He was there and that is something I absolutely treasure and will NEVER forget! I don't think he even comprehends what that means to me, it was the best year of my life just by getting to see him almost every weekend.

What made you choose your venue(s) for your wedding day? We knew we wanted it outside at the beach. I have been going to EI/AB my entire life...that is where we vacation. James has been going with us for 12 years now, and it's also where he proposed last year with both of our families present. It is our happy place and where we feel at complete peace. We fell in love with Coral Bay after attending a wedding there years ago, and after talking with the Director, Tammy Roys, it was a done deal! She simplified everything and was a breath of fresh air to this girl who was having to make so many decisions.

What was your First Dance song? Is there a special story behind it? James chose Garth Brooks "To Make You Feel my Love" for our first dance and I loved that he chose that song. We love Garth and that it is such a timeless song with the sweetest lyrics!

What was one wedding planning decision that proved invaluable? Our dynamite wedding coordinator Tammy Roys. She can do weddings with her eyes closed and that was such a relief to me not knowing anything. She said she could make anything happen and she did just that. I told her our favorite foods and she made it happen. She tracked the storm and delayed the ceremony 20 minutes and she and her crew were out there drying off seats so we could have our wedding outside. Everything ran smoothly and I missed her the second we drove off that night. Cindy & Victor with Cynthia Rose Photography as well as Christiana & Luke with Light Cannon films. They are both so very talented and fun to work with. They are invaluable to us because they are so good at what they do and the photos and video are all we have to remember our day. We were blessed to have the absolute best vendors!