Brittany & Cameron's NCMA & JC Raulston Arboretum engagement session | Cynthia Rose Photography

How did you meet? We met when we were only two years old in a small church in Winterville, North Carolina. We started dating in high school and throughout college.

Tell us your proposal story! Cameron's side:
We have some close friends whose family own a house on the soundside of Sunset Beach, NC. We have vacationed there with them and some other friends for a few years before the engagement. I didn't want Brittany to know what was going on, so I planned a weekend away there with our friends. She thought it was just a vacation, she didn't expect anything, or so she says...

I had the weekend planned and the ring purchased a few months before the time came. I now understand all of the sayings about buying a ring early; it was all I could think about before that weekend came. When we arrived at the beach house the internal planning and thinking only got worse. I replayed what I wanted the moment to look like in my head too many times to count. I wanted that memory to be perfect.

When Saturday came I was a nervous ball of energy. It is amazing how nervous one can get before saying a few words and giving a ring to someone they have dated for 8 years, but that was my situation. It was late afternoon and everyone had just cleaned up after a day on the beach. I knew it was the perfect time to do it, because I knew Brittany would want to look clean for pictures afterwards. During that time, Pokemon Go was the big craze so, naturally Brittany was playing while waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner. I asked her if she wanted to walk down to the end of the pier and hangout before dinner. She told me to give her a second to check snapchat and scout the area for Pokemon. The next few minutes that followed was the longest few minutes of my life. I was told afterward by friends that I was nervously pacing in circles the whole time I was waiting.

When we finally got to the end of the pier, she sat down with Mountain Dew in one hand and Pokemon Go in the other, suspecting nothing. As she sipped her Dew, I explained to her that she was the greatest person in my life and how much I loved her. While getting down on one knee, I then asked her to marry me. She immediately said yes, took the ring, and put it on faster than I could comprehend what just happened. After we both stopped crying we turned to walk back and saw all of our friends on the balcony screaming and cheering. What followed was the greatest and happiest night of my life as we celebrated with champagne, a great dinner, and an intense round of mini golf with the crew.

Brittany's side:
Cameron and I talked about going to the beach again, and I was very excited. It had been a while since we hung out with our friends. My summer was jam packed for work, and I desperately wanted a vacation. One of our friends had a scheduling conflict, making us push our vacation back a couple of weeks. We were both disappointed, but I had no idea just how disappointed Cameron was.

When we finally arrived at the beach, we went ahead and planned out our meals. Is it really a vacation if you don't try new places you can't eat at home? Saturday night we were going to a Japanese steakhouse, which of course was absolutely delicious. Saturday afternoon, Cameron asked me if I wanted to walk out on the dock. I wasn't really feeling it at the moment, and said "ehh, maybe in a little bit." I didn't think anything of it, but Cameron started pacing around the room(this is normal). He asked again a little while later and I said sure.

Around the time we went to the beach, Pokemon Go was very big. It just came out and we were serious Pokemon Go players. Naturally, I had my phone out looking to see if there were any Pokemon around. I finally put my phone down when we got to the end of the pier, still sipping on my Mountain Dew. He began to tell me how I was his favorite person, and how much he loved me. He is very sweet to me, so I still didn't think anything out of the usual was happening. Then he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying, and of course I said yes! When he opened that little red box, I had never seen a ring more beautiful than the one he carefully picked out for me. I was so excited and he was just sitting there, so I took the liberty of putting the ring on my finger myself!! I really couldn't tell you what else was happening at the moment, all I was focused on was the two of us. A few minutes later, we turned around and noticed all of our friends jumping up and down and screaming. I kept crying when I saw them, because I was so shocked that he pulled that off without anyone spoiling it! I stalled a few minutes before we walked back because I had to get myself together! We came back for champagne, a nice dinner, and finished the night with a game of putt putt.