Coral Bay Club wedding, Atlantic Beach, NC | Benton + Jennifer

If you could pick one moment that stands out to you as the best on your wedding day, what would it be? Of course our most favorite moment was seeing each other for the first time as I walked into the church and down the aisle, it is a moment that I will never forget. Also, when our reader, Courtney, read the scripture, and we turned to face her in the church, it was very humbling to see a church full of family and friends there to support us on our special day.

During your wedding planning, what was your vision for your wedding day? I don't know that I really had a strong 'vision' of our wedding day other than having all of our closest friends and family in the same place! I wanted things to be simple, no big theme. All of the flowers were green and white, that was really my only request with the florist, and he was able to design it perfectly. I knew that I wanted a band that would keep the crowd going and on the dance floor, because that's how I wanted to spend the night, dancing with Benton and all of the other guests, and Black and Blue did just that! The day we got engaged we booked the three most important things...the church, the venue, and of course the photographer! We wanted our day to be captured by the best of the best and are so glad that we had Cynthia Rose Photography!!!

Describe any special traditions, personal mementos, or helpful friends/family members who played a sentimental role in your wedding planning or wedding day. All of our family and close friends played sentimental roles in our wedding day! Our friends hosted an engagement party for us in Raleigh last spring that helped us 'kick off' our engagement. In August, my bridesmaids planned an amazing bachelorette party at one of the girls houses on the Pamlico River at a placed called Durham Creek. Benton and his friends went to Wrightsville Beach for his bachelor party in September!

Our parents went above and beyond to give us the wedding weekend of our dreams! It seriously was better than we could have ever dreamed and we have them to thank for that!

What made you choose your venue(s) for your wedding day? I would say choosing our venue was the easiest decision we made! I have grown up spending summers at Atlantic Beach and the Coral Bay Club. Since we started dating, we have shared many good times at the beach with family and friends. We had no doubt that we wanted to have all of our events at the CBC. We chose First United Methodist Church because it is also the church that my sister and her husband were married in 2008.

What was your First Dance song? Is there a special story behind it? Our first dance song was "Could It be I'm Falling in Love" by The Spinners. There really is no special story behind it, it was just a song that we both liked!

What was one wedding planning decision that proved invaluable? We could not have pulled off our wedding weekend without Tammy Roys and her team at the Coral Bay Club. When I got down to the beach the beginning of the week, we were without power because of Hurricane Matthew. After going to Town Hall, we were told power would not come back on until Sunday, October 16, the day after the wedding! In a state of panic, we called Tammy who reassured us that no matter the circumstances, she and her team would pull off a beautiful reception, with or without power! The power ended up coming back on days before the weekend began :)

After Benton and I took pictures on the beach, Tammy was waiting with towels to wipe our feet down and took us into a private room where we were able to eat dinner, just Benton and I, before the night got started! It was the best way for us to enjoy some time together before celebrating with friends and family all night!