Kenan + Chas | Atlantic Beach, NC wedding photographer

How did you meet? Chas and I met in Jacksonville, FL where I had moved after graduating from UNC. I moved to FL to work for Deutsche Bank where Chas had already been working for a year. Meeting your significant other in a work environment can be very awkward, especially when you sit back to back to one another, but fortunately we were not on the same team and it all worked out in the end! While we love Florida, we decided to relocate to New York and share the big city experience together while we are still young. NYC is also where we bought our sweet pig (frenchie), Truffle, which makes it feel even more like home.

Tell us your proposal story! I was definitely on to Chas so he did everything in his power to try and make the proposal a true surprise. It was a Thursday afternoon and he had texted me while I was at work saying he had meetings in Midtown that afternoon (where my office is located) and suggested that if he wrapped up around the same time I was ready to leave, we should take the subway home together. We did this a lot so it was not out of the ordinary, but I was still a bit suspicious. I had mentioned to my co-worker that morning that there was a slight chance Chas may propose that night. Before I headed outside to meet Chas, I was changing out of my work shoes into sneakers for the trek home and my co-worker tried to stop me and said "Wear your heels... what if he proposes!?!" I clearly should have listened to her. Chas was across the street from my office and as I was turning to head towards the subway he told me we were going in another direction because he had gotten us a car. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee right in the middle of the sidewalk! We then went to one of our favorite French restaurants in our neighborhood. It was the BEST night.

What has been your favorite part of being engaged? The love and support from all of our sweet family and friends - it truly makes you feel so special!