Print sizing and crop: choosing the right size for your print order

Your photos are ready and you're excited to get them framed and displayed in your home! Exciting! Here's a quick and easy guide to sizing and crop to help you before you place your print order.

Common Print Sizes & Crop

When we take photographs, they are created at a 3:2 aspect ratio. What does this mean for you when you decide to print a photo? It means print sizes like 4x6, 8x12, 16x24 and 20x30 all maintain the full image without needing to "crop" anything out, because the aspect ratio of those print sizes are also 3:2. You are able to print the photo as it was shot. 

The popular 5x7 print size will require some cropping, while 8x10 and 16x20 will require considerable cropping.

Tip: For portraits of people, it's important to leave some distance above the subject's head to keep a pleasant aesthetic. In the above example, if a client were ordering an 8x10 or 16x20, some of the dress at the bottom of the image would need to be cropped to allow for some space above the bride's head. 

Canvas Gallery Wraps

A canvas gallery wrap is a popular (and beautiful!) print product for displaying bridal portraits. The image is printed to a canvas which is then stretched around a wooden frame. The gallery wrap can be hung on its own, or can also be framed without glass. Our two most popular canvas gallery wrap sizes are 16x20 and 20x30. Because the canvas is wrapped around a frame, the image is "cropped" on all four sides. When ordering a 16x20 image, this means you'll lose a considerable amount of the image to cropping, so you'll want to be sure to select a photo that was framed "wider" with more space around the subject. Using the same photo from above as an example, you can see that the 16x20 canvas gallery wrap crop would cause the bride's hands and part of her bouquet to be lost as the bottom portion of the image will be wrapped around the frame. To avoid such extreme cropping, we'd recommend ordering a 16x24 canvas gallery wrap, or going up a size to the 20x30, which you can see below. 

Still not sure?

If you aren't sure how an image might crop when ordered at a certain print size, we are happy to help you decide by providing a digital proof!