Sarah + Jessica | Beaufort, NC engagement session

I have a special engagement session to share with you today.  I should mention that all of the engagement sessions we share are special, because all of our couples are wonderful, with sweet love stories.  We have the great privilege of photographing people about to embark on one of the greatest adventures two people can take in life together.  

But this session I share with you today, represents for us, one of our proudest moments as wedding photographers.  Victor and I have, for as long as we can remember, been supporters of equal rights.  I can't actually remember a time in my life when I didn't hold strong convictions on this subject.  

I won't dwell on the negative, because this space right here is about to be filled with love.  But I will briefly say this - it wasn't so long ago in our state's history that "we, the people, of North Carolina" voted to further ban same sex marriage.  My heart hurt that day. I cried.  Although Victor and I had done our part, and cast our vote in support of equality, that many more people felt they could ban someone else's love.  But it is with the BIGGEST, GREATEST joy that I share with you this engagement session today, because although those people were temporarily successful, in the has won.  

Victor and I so enjoyed meeting and spending the morning with Sarah & Jessica for their engagement session in our beautiful historic Beaufort, NC. Sarah & Jess, both from Milwaukee, have chosen our beautiful North Carolina coast for their wedding in August!  They were easy and effortless in front of the camera, down to earth and laid-back.  We are so excited they've chosen us to document this moment in their lives, as they are about to embark on the great adventure of marriage, beginning with a wedding right here in our beautiful state.

Sarah & Jessica's engagement story, in their own words:

How did you meet?: Jess says: Sarah and I met online, began talking and set up a time to have dinner together. On our first date, Sarah picked me up and we went to dinner. Having met online, our first date was the first time seeing each other in person. I felt very comfortable in Sarahโ€™s presence. She had an easygoing way about her and never seemed judgmental, even when I spilled my drink right into my lap. I knew at dinner that something was different about Sarah and that I wanted to spend more time with her and get to know her. The next day, I invited Sarah to my nephewโ€™s basketball game. That way, I could see her again and she could meet my sister to get her opinion. And since then we have seen each other almost everyday or at least every week, even with both of us having busy jobs/schedules.

Tell us your proposal story!: Sarah says: There was a candle-light ski event I'd added with my dad throughout my entire childhood. The site of the event is also where a beautiful ski shelter was built in his memory. Jess knew how important my dad was in my life, so she wanted to include him in her proposal. She had conspired with my mom, so my mom had constructed a back-lit sign, which she planted along the trail. We had dinner with my best friend and her boyfriend before heading to the ski event. It was already an emotional night for me, but the emotions hit an all-time high as we rounded a bend in the trail and Jess instructed me to take off my skis. She took my hand and led me down a little tea-light trail off the main path where my mom's "Sarah, will you marry me?" sign was waiting. It was there that she got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife. I wiped away my tears and said yes. Afterwards, we found out there were quite a few people that night who were wondering who Sarah was and if she'd said yes. :)

What has been your favorite part of being engaged?: Our favorite part of being engaged has been getting to know each other in every day ways. Simple things like house-hold chores and making dinner are much easier when you have someone to share them with. It's comforting know that every night you get to go to bed together and every morning you wake up next to the one you love. Also, seeing the love, support and excitement from our families for our upcoming wedding makes us feel so incredibly happy. On top of it all, the realization that, for the first time in history, our wedding means something in our home state and that the union to enter into may actually be recognized nationally makes it even more meaningful. We never thought that would be a reality. We are so blessed.