Lauren + Chris | Beaufort NC engagement session

Pretty light, pretty couple, and a pretty dog. What more could we ask for? We had so much fun with Lauren & Chris (and Molly!) in Beaufort and Atlantic Beach for their engagement session!  

Their story, in the bride's words:

How did you meet? Chris and I were introduced by my sister. She knew him from years past when he was in medical school at ECU. Chris had just moved back to Greenville, NC to begin his cardiology fellowship when she ran into him one day at the hospital. She called me and insisted that I had to meet him, so a couple of days later, we met and hit it off from there!

Tell us your proposal story!  I always knew that Chris wanted our engagement to be a surprise, and I always knew he would do it when I would least expect it. We had taken a fall trip to the mountains and stayed at Grove Park Inn, which is where everyone thought it would happen. I, on the other hand, knew that it would be too cliche... and it just wasn't us. Chris picked a beautiful Sunday in December when the weather was unseasonably warm. My parents have a place in Morehead City, NC, which is only 30 minutes down the road from where we live in New Bern, NC. Chris was adamant on driving down to Morehead that day to fish off the pier. It was nothing out of the ordinary , as he often talked about doing that and the weather was so nice on that particular day. After fishing for over an hour, and catching nothing...he casted one last time. After reeling the line in, he told me to look at what he had caught. He had the rod in one hand and the hook with a diamond ring in the other. Best catch ever!! :)

What has been your favorite part of being engaged?  My favorite part of being engaged would have to be the outpouring of love and support from our family and friends. They are all so awesome! And also, being able to call Chris my fiancĂ©! :) I still haven't gotten use to that either, by the way!!!