Loving my new space! Office redecorated.

Moving into our seventh year of business, we can feel our business changing and growing. We are no longer the "new kids on the block," we are a little more seasoned and a lot more aware of who we are as photographers and what we believe about ourselves, our work, and our little corner of the wedding world. Since the very beginning we have been constantly nipping and tucking our branding, trying things on for size, discarding what didn't work and keeping what did. Last year, we gently rebranded Cynthia Rose Photography. The rebranding also meant another overhaul of our bridal show booth design, which I had an absolute blast putting together. Sometimes I think I'd have loved to be a wedding designer or coordinator (it's just SO MUCH FUN!), but then I realize I'm better with a camera. :) 

Following bridal show season, I realized I loved all the little decor pieces so much that I had to find a way to fit them into my home. You might be surprised to know that this job keeps me in my office 90% of the time (literally, there are days in the middle of our busiest months where I wake up and head straight to my office, only leaving to go back to bed in the middle of the night). The remaining 10% of my time is spent taking photos and in my vehicle, on the way to or from a wedding or session. 

Needless to say, my previous boring office was not cutting it anymore. I really believe that your workspace can have a dramatic impact on your productivity (and frankly, happiness). Aesthetic is important. You want to walk in and say, "yes, this is a space I can spend a good chunk of my day in." 

This is a space I'm happy to be in.

ON THE WALLS: One entire wall of my office is covered with a gold sequin backdrop from dropitmodern. I.love.the.sparkle. A gold mirror from Hobby Lobby (best store ever) hangs on another wall.  Two large wedding prints (love looking at our pretty clients!) grace the walls, and from where I sit at my desk, my favorite wedding portrait of Victor and I (courtesy of our wedding photographer, McCardell Photography). Below our wedding portrait is a set of adorable custom prints gifted to us by our sweet bride Ally. She knows how much I love my cameras and my North Carolina. <3

ACCESSORIES: I am obsessed with my gold office supplies from Target (where else?). When I laid my eyes on the gold Dachshund tape dispenser on the Target shelf, I knew I was parting with my money right then and there. I love the small prints of my clients all over the office (in frames from Hobby Lobby). 

THE PUP: Last but not least, my sweet pups love the white shag rug (I know I'm insane for having a white shag rug in a house with two dogs), and one of them can usually be found at my feet.