Chris + Lauren | Tryon Palace wedding photographer

Ceremony Venue:  Hawks Allee Garden, Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC
Reception Venue:  North Carolina History Center at Tryon Palace
Wedding Coordinator:  Southern Hospitality Concierge, Mike & Kathy Guzzo
Caterer:  The Chelsea
Cake:  Mrs. Vingerber's Sweets
Band:  The Remedy
Florist:  Your Perfect Day - Val Conger
Event Rentals:  Island Essentials
Bridesmaids:  Alfred Angelo
Mens Apparel:  Joseph A. Bank
Hair & Makeup:  Magnolia Jane Salon

If you could pick one moment that stands out to you as the best on your wedding day, what would it be? As cliche' as it sounds, the moment that stands out the most to me on my wedding day would have to be seeing Chris for the first time as I walked down the isle. It's the moment that I had always dreamed about, and also the moment that packed the most emotion. It was truly such an awesome, and indescribable moment!

During your wedding planning, what was your vision for your wedding day? The vision I had for my wedding day was SUNSHINE haha!!:) Booking an outdoor wedding is always a gamble, because you can't predict the weather.. and luckily the weather was definitely on our side that day. I wanted my wedding to be classic, elegant, and glamorous, which is just what we got.

What made you choose your venue(s) for your wedding day? Tryon Palace was a no brainer. It's timeless. I wanted a venue that was intimate, romantic and classy. The garden that we chose for the ceremony provided all of that and more. The Palace itself provided a beautiful backdrop for our guests to admire. New Bern, NC was the perfect destination for our guest as well. The town is so charming. It has so much to be explored.

What was one wedding planning decision that proved invaluable? One wedding planning decision that proved invaluable, was splurging on the things that meant the most to us. For Chris and I, we wanted a fun and exciting reception. So, we splurged a little more on the band, and full bar. No regrets there! I'll go a little further with this question, and tell you the best advice I received early on about planning a wedding that proved to be invaluable. "In the end, it's your day, and it should be about what you want, and who you want there. " Man, did I have to recite those words over and over again in my head at many points throughout the wedding planning process. That advice always seemed to bring me back to reality, and helped make a lot of hard decisions a little easier.