Get Ready for the "Getting Ready" - Be Camera Ready Before the Ceremony

I love "getting ready" photos.  They are typically the beginning of your wedding day story (at least photographically).  Your wedding album will start with photos of you and your groom preparing to walk down the aisle.  It's a special time spent with your loved ones and close friends.  If you've browsed blogs, you know how lovely these images can be.  

Let's talk about how you can help this part of the day be especially photo-friendly.


1. Location, location, location.

The very first thing to consider is where you'll get ready.  While it doesn't need to be five-star, a well-decorated, neutral room with a lot of natural light (lots of windows, please!) is ideal.  Make sure it's large enough to hold everyone while still having space to spread out.  Don't forget the men's getting ready location!  So often this is looked over, but designating a nice space for the groom is just as important.


2. De-clutter.

You know how much stuff you have out on your bed and on your counter while getting ready?  Alone?  Now imagine that times 4 or 5 (or however many bridesmaids you plan on having, plus your mom, your grandmother, aunt, etc etc).  For this reason I always recommend having your mom and bridesmaids dressed and ready to go by the time photography is set to start.  This means having all of their personal items put away and out of the area where you plan to get dressed.  Rental homes are ideal for this - one room can be designated for you to get dressed in, while the rest of the rooms hold everyone's stuff.  If you're getting ready in a hotel, have your girls keep all of their stuff in their own rooms.  A stray bra laying on the bed in the background is not what you want.  :)


3. Wear what you want to be photographed in.

When I first arrive, you may still be in the makeup chair and you won't be in your wedding dress yet. Consider what you'll be wearing when I arrive.  A pretty monogrammed robe or white button down will photograph really well (and are also very bridal).  These photos will likely be included in your album, so consider your pre-wedding dress attire when planning for the day.


4. Bring all of the items you want photographed.

Think about all of the special items you would like to have photographed and pack them to bring with you wherever you plan on getting ready.  There are obvious items like your bridal shoes, veil, garter and jewelry, but also family heirlooms, handkerchiefs, gifts for your groom or parents, invitations and save the dates.  


5. Celebrate.

Mimosas and music are a great way to get into the celebratory mood. It never gets old to see (or photograph) a bunch of friends singing "Going To The Chapel."  Never.  :)

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